Tours Douro
Tours Douro


Welcome to Portugal EV Tours’ first blog post!

When we started this project we had a simple vision: show the Douro from the perspective of people who live, work and have an attachment to the Douro Valley region.

We also want to do it in a way that would preserve and protect the region for future generations. We will showcase the best, unknown places and persons of the Douro.

With a large emphasis on sustainability, we chose to be bold on our sustainability premise. We perform all our tours wanted using an electric vehicle. The Tesla Model X was the only vehicle that would fit our purpose: It is fully electric, can carry up to (in our case) 5 passengers, has great range and fast recharging capabilities. Also, it is more spacious than any other vehicle in the category. You will discover hidden storage spaces throughout the vehicle. Being electric means there is no engine noise. Therefore you can truly appreciate the region and its quietness while reducing stress associated with a car travel.

Our private experiences invite you to the region and to explore it through the eyes of the locals. The life, the landscape, the gastronomy, everything comes together in our experiences.

Stay tuned in our blog to catch up on the latest tours and special events we will be announcing!

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