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Douro Harvest

The Douro Harvest season is a time of great activity. The grapes become ripe and people are out in the terraces, picking them to make the great Douro and Port wines. The activity is such that, from a distance, people resemble ants working along the hills.

Immediately after picking, the grapes go into the “lagares”, where foot treading is still practiced and gives the wines their special taste and aroma.

With our Douro Harvest experience, you can participate in the foot treading – “Lagarada” in Portuguese, and know that you helped make great wines! We start by discovering the history of the region and the vinification processes with a visit to the Douro Museum. Then, you will enjoy a traditional lunch either at the Museum or the Quinta. Once on location, you will witness the harvest happening and can even choose to participate in the foot treading!

This year, weather conditions are pushing for a late harvest, beginning in the second week of September. Be sure to book now your Experience and engage in the most iconic activity of the Douro!