Online Zoom Experience – Instructions

Online Zoom Experience – Instructions

The online experiences will happen every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 18h00 / 6 PM GMT (Lisbon / London time zone) and will be performed in English.


Before joining:

  1. Ensure that you are comfortable;
  2. Grab a bottle of wine – Porto Wine or not – and have it next to you;
  3. One screen per household (phone / tablet / computer / TV);
  4. Make sure your internet connection is stable – a reliable connection is more important than a fast one.


How to join:

  1. Install the zoom app on your phone/tablet/computer;
  2. Choose your date (Monday, Wednesday or Friday);
  3. Send an email to requesting the access link to that session;
  4. When the time comes, log in using the provided link.
  5. More dates and schedules can be offered. Just make a request for it!
  6. Limited to 10 participants per session, to ensure a quality experience!


During the experience:

  1. I encourage you to keep your camera on, but the microphone muted;
  2. Interactions can be done by unmuting your microphone and asking questions directly, using the emojis, or even the chat.
  3. These rules and guidelines will be mentioned at the beginning of each session.


It’s simple and straightforward!


I hope to see you soon!


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