Electrifying the Douro

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Electrifying the Douro

Portugal EV Tours mission is to provide unique, genuine and unforgettable experiences. We are also developing a charging network in the Douro Valley!

Do you know what “Range Anxiety” is? It’s the fear you’ll run out of electricity when driving an electric vehicle. However, electricity is the most ubiquitous source of energy!

Modern gasoline cars have a range of 500 to 700km. More than enough to enable long-distance travel. And when we are low on gasoline, we can rest assured that we have a gas station nearby. The infrastructure is already in place.

With an electric vehicle, with ranges of around 200 to 300km, you will need to “fill up” more often. Also, you need to know where you can recharge your EV. So, the EV range is still low, compared to gasoline and diesel cars, and the charging infrastructure isn’t great (yet). Any electrical outlet will provide you with some energy. How fast you recharge depends on several factors, but if you are not using your car, you can leave it charging. A regular outlet provides 10km of range every hour – for our Model X. A 3-phase outlet provides 45km every hour and a charging station provides up to 70km every hour. Finally, fast chargers like the Supercharger network provide 250km every 30min!

With Portugal EV Tours, we aim to develop a network of charging hook-ups, so that you can visit the Douro Valley using an EV. We already succeeded in installing a public charging station in the village of Tabuaço and some of our partners will receive Tesla High Power connectors, enabling their customers to top up their EVs during a visit!

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