Douro in a Tesla – Wine and Stars

Douro in a Tesla – Wine and Stars

This is a nocturnal experience, allowing us to take advantage of the clear skies of the Douro Valley, during the summer months.

The Experience begins in the afternoon, when we meet in Porto.

From there we will drive for 1h45min until we reach our first destination: the viewpoint of Casal de Loivos, considered the best one of the Douro Valley and one of the seven best in the world.

From there we will descent to the village of Pinhão, where we will embark on a 1h cruise upriver. From the river we will be able to gaze upon the vastness of the great vineyards of the Douro Valley.

After the cruise we will go to the vineyard, following the N222 road – best driving road in the world. There we will learn the secrets behind the Porto Wine production and we will also do a tasting of these wonderful wines. After the tasting we will do a guided walk on the vineyard, with an explanation of the different grape varieties, flora and fauna of the region and an overview of the uniqueness of the terroir. The visit of this vineyard ends with a diner, as the sun is setting behind the hills.

The magic starts now: we will drive to the top of the hills, where a telescope will be set up. As our eyes adjust to the darkness, I will give you a brief explanation regarding these optical instruments. On a clear and typical night, we will be able to observe Jupiter and its Galilean Moons, Saturn and its rings, Mars and Venus and discern some Moon features. We will be able to see satellites passing over us, some important stars and point towards some constellations.

Once the observation session is over, we will head back to Porto, in the comfort of the Tesla.


Regular and shared Experience

Minimum of two participants. Includes:

The best way to have an introductory astronomical experience is to share
it with others – no need to bring your own equipment.

This option includes:

  • Transport in a Tesla vehicle
  • 1h cruise
  • Vineyard tour and Porto Wine tasting
  • Diner at a vineyard
  • Guided walk in the terroir
  • Stargazing guided session – astronomy introduction


Private Experience

Up to 3 participants

This private tour and stargazing session is private, includes everything in the regular experience, plus the following upgrades:

  • Private vineyard tour, with the best tasting available
    (5 wines, including a Porto Vintage)
  • Private boat cruise