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Covid-19 & Cancellations policy update

In light of the recent outbreak of the new coronavirus – Covid-19 – we would first like to reassure all customers and travelers that Portugal, despite having 41 confirmed cases as of March 10th, is still one of the safest countries to visit.

We are currently monitoring the situation in Portugal and the World, and following the recommendations of the DGS – the Portuguese health organization responsible for monitoring the new coronavirus dynamics.

As of today, events that will gather more than 5000 persons on outdoor spaces, 1000 persons indoors or 150 persons in “hot zones” are postponed or canceled. However, both the DGS and Portugal’s Tourism Office see no reason to cancel day tours, experiences or excursions. Out of an abundance of caution, drastic measures are being taken by the government, municipalities and large companies, to prevent further infections and in an attempt to break the contagion chain.

Update 1 – March 11th

Covid-19 has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). The pandemic status means that the mere strategy of containing the proliferation of the disease would no longer be enough. The classification means that a recurring transmission is taking place in different parts of the world and simultaneously. The Portuguese citizens who do not comply with the isolation requested by the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) to halt the transmission of the new coronavirus from China (Covid-19) risk incurring a crime of spreading the disease, whose prison sentence can be up to five years.

Taking into account the current situation, still of low risk in our country, and in accordance with our standard cancellation policy, since we have not yet received guidelines regarding the cessation of our activity, we appeal to the common sense of all, to adopt the proper preventive hygiene measures during our travels. If you do not feel comfortable traveling, please do not put at risk other passengers who may share the same tour.

We repeat the warnings and procedures put in place by the DGS:

  • Any person currently in Portugal and not feeling well should be proactive and remain isolated until properly tested;
  • Do not go to the hospital! If you are sick, you will increase the risk of contagion; if you are not, you are putting yourself at risk.
  • Call the SNS 24 number – +351 808 24 24 24 and report your symptoms if you suspect to be infected.
  • Masks are useless for the general public – currently, only doctors and nurses tending to the sick should wear them. Otherwise, they are worthless and can pose an even greater danger than not wearing them.
  • The best way to avoid the disease is to use proper hygiene – cough/sneeze to your elbow; use disposable tissues; wash hands regularly with soap and avoid touching your face; avoid touching doorknobs and railings; keep a 1-meter minimum distance from other persons.


Given the current situation and as cautionary measures:

  • Experiences outside of Portugal are canceled until further notice;
  • Transfers are still performed but only within Portugal or from Portugal to other destinations;
  • Experiences and Transfers to large events (such as the Fátima Apparitions) are canceled.


Lastly, as the situation develops, we would like to update our cancellation policy:

Any cancellation due to the new coronavirus – either directly or indirectly, is eligible for a full refund.

These situations include, but are not limited to:

  • Becoming infected or quarantined;
  • Not allowed traveling for medical reasons;
  • Border closure.

For the first two cases, a medical statement is required to issue a refund.

Otherwise, the standard cancellation policy will apply. Cancellations:

  • More than 7 days before the experience begins – full refund;
  • Within 7 days of the day of the experience – 30% value will no longer be refunded – cancellation fee;
  • The day of the experience or no-show – the total amount of the experience is due.

This post will be updated as new information becomes available.


We wish all the travelers safe trips and we hope to have you soon and in good health!