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Pinhão from Ventozelo

The Douro Boom!

The Douro Boom!

Last year, Portugal EV Tours started its tours and experiences with only two small and high-quality vineyards: Quinta do Tedo and Quinta do Monte Travesso. Our bet in providing value to our customers as well as to our partners paid off and this year we have many more vineyards joining us in our quest for unique Experiences, sustainability and Electrification of the Douro Valley! It’s a true Douro Boom!

New Vineyards

For 2019, we welcome new vineyards to bring electrifying and exclusive experiences in the Douro Valley!

  • Quinta Seara D’Ordens
  • Quinta de Tourais
  • Quinta da Marka
  • Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo and their Restaurant “Conceitus”
  • Quinta do Seixo
  • Quinta de La Rosa and their Restaurant “Cozinha da Clara”
  • Quinta do Ventozelo
  • Quinta do Panascal
  • Quinta da Roeda and Pic-Nic at the Vineyard
  • Quinta do Vallado

Having a bigger offer with different vineyards means we are able to provide a new tour concept: Your Personal Douro! You can now choose where you want to go, the wine tastings of your choice, the lunch of your preference, the activities you care the most, with access to our discounted prices, with our partners (going live this week!).

New Services

You can also enjoy our private Transfer services since some of these vineyards have accommodations! Most of these vineyards are under 1h30 away from Porto and a private transfer will certainly be your best option to get there! During the travel, you can enjoy bottled water, cookies, Wifi and charge your mobile devices with our USB outlets.

Exclusive Tours and Visits

Lastly, we are in the process of creating a new and exclusive program with Quinta do Ventozelo. This big (400ha!) vineyard will soon be open to visits and is considered to be “the Douro in a Vineyard”. With this program, we will start in Porto, in the Gran Cruz Hotel, take you to the Adega Cooperativa de Alijó and finally have lunch and enjoy the afternoon at Quinta do Ventozelo. Keep your eyes peeled for more details soon!