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Novelties for 2019!

Novelties for 2019!

We skipped the January blog post because we were hard at work to provide you the best Experiences for 2019!

2019 will mark our first expansion towards a new region, contrasting with the Douro Valley. We are talking about Alentejo!

In late 2018 and early 2019 we partnered with accommodations in Évora:

Madrugada is a rural tourism just on the outskirts of Évora that has 5 bedrooms and a whole lot of land surrounding it! At Madrugada, you can enjoy intimate contact with nature and the environment. You will wake up to perfect sunrises or enjoy the reddest and oranges sunsets of Alentejo; you can take a stroll through the olive orchards, have a picnic in an open field, enjoy contact with farm animals… The night is also magical and you will enjoy some of the clearest skies in all Portugal. The best part: its just 5min away from the centre of Évora and its beautiful monuments!

Heaven Inn is the only 5-star hostel in Évora and supported by the tourism of Portugal. It is located at walking distance from the centre of Évora, and some of the main touristic attractions: Praça do Giraldo, Bones Chappel, Évora Cathedral, Roman Temple, just to name a few. It has one of the best balconies in all of Évora, overlooking the city and its rooftops. A very modern hostel that still keeps all the traditional elements from Alentejo!

Lastly, we like to show you the best and unknown places to visit, always from the perspective of a local. That’s why we also partnered with Vagar Walking Tours! Mélanie and Diane will show you the best places and in and around Évora, and also other interesting cities in Alentejo: Arraiolos and the famous tapestries; Monsaraz and its castle, just to name a few!

With our new partners, you are now able to arrive in or tour around Évora and Alentejo in a modern, luxurious and environmental-friendly Tesla!