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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

With the arrival of December, we entered the full holiday season 2018! And even at a time when weather may seem less inviting for outdoor activities, it’s the perfect time to visit the Christmas Villages!
These are small villages, historical and full of charm, decorated to the spirit of the season. Besides the decoration, the possibility to taste some typical products is a great bonus!
Here is a selection of most iconic Christmas Villages:

Santa Maria da Feira: Perlim.

This northern Portuguese city holds a party at Quinta do Castelo. With many activities for children and adults, surely you will enjoy good times and hours of fun. It is a short journey from Porto, about 30min by car.


Óbidos is in itself one of the biggest Portuguese attractions. It was described by the historian José Hermano de Saraiva as “the showcase of Portugal”. In addition to the traditional Obidos ginga, we can enjoy other traditional sweets. The walk along the wall and the historic village, with stops to visit the citadel and the Mother Church with altar painted by Josefa D’Óbidos is mandatory!
To visit Óbidos requires a full day trip. It’s a 2.30h drive from Porto. It is recommended to start in the morning, have lunch in Fatima and spend the afternoon in Óbidos.


What is a Christmas village without the snow? Located in the heart of Serra da Estrela, Cabeça is a small preserved village, where cars do not circulate. During the holiday season the whole village is decorated with natural materials, coming from the region. The whole village turns into a Christmas museum, with several houses opening their doors where we can see the traditional life of a small, isolated village. And of course, with the added charm of having snow!

Consult us to create your plan of visit to these magnificent places!
Happy Holidays!