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Tours Douro

Douro Harvest

The Douro Harvest season is a time of great activity. The grapes become ripe and people are out in the terraces, picking them to make the great Douro and Port wines. The activity is such that, from a distance, people resemble ants working along the hills.

Immediately after picking, the grapes go into the “lagares”, where foot treading is still practiced and gives the wines their special taste and aroma.

With our Douro Harvest experience, you can participate in the foot treading – “Lagarada” in Portuguese, and know that you helped make great wines! We start by discovering the history of the region and the vinification processes with a visit to the Douro Museum. Then, you will enjoy a traditional lunch either at the Museum or the Quinta. Once on location, you will witness the harvest happening and can even choose to participate in the foot treading!

This year, weather conditions are pushing for a late harvest, beginning in the second week of September. Be sure to book now your Experience and engage in the most iconic activity of the Douro!

Tours Douro

Electrifying the Douro

Portugal EV Tours mission is to provide unique, genuine and unforgettable experiences. We are also developing a charging network in the Douro Valley!

Do you know what “Range Anxiety” is? It’s the fear you’ll run out of electricity when driving an electric vehicle. However, electricity is the most ubiquitous source of energy!

Modern gasoline cars have a range of 500 to 700km. More than enough to enable long-distance travel. And when we are low on gasoline, we can rest assured that we have a gas station nearby. The infrastructure is already in place.

With an electric vehicle, with ranges of around 200 to 300km, you will need to “fill up” more often. Also, you need to know where you can recharge your EV. So, the EV range is still low, compared to gasoline and diesel cars, and the charging infrastructure isn’t great (yet). Any electrical outlet will provide you with some energy. How fast you recharge depends on several factors, but if you are not using your car, you can leave it charging. A regular outlet provides 10km of range every hour – for our Model X. A 3-phase outlet provides 45km every hour and a charging station provides up to 70km every hour. Finally, fast chargers like the Supercharger network provide 250km every 30min!

With Portugal EV Tours, we aim to develop a network of charging hook-ups, so that you can visit the Douro Valley using an EV. We already succeeded in installing a public charging station in the village of Tabuaço and some of our partners will receive Tesla High Power connectors, enabling their customers to top up their EVs during a visit!

Tours Douro
Tours Douro


Welcome to Portugal EV Tours’ first blog post!

When we started this project we had a simple vision: show the Douro from the perspective of people who live, work and have an attachment to the Douro Valley region.

We also want to do it in a way that would preserve and protect the region for future generations. We will showcase the best, unknown places and persons of the Douro.

With a large emphasis on sustainability, we chose to be bold on our sustainability premise. We perform all our tours wanted using an electric vehicle. The Tesla Model X was the only vehicle that would fit our purpose: It is fully electric, can carry up to (in our case) 5 passengers, has great range and fast recharging capabilities. Also, it is more spacious than any other vehicle in the category. You will discover hidden storage spaces throughout the vehicle. Being electric means there is no engine noise. Therefore you can truly appreciate the region and its quietness while reducing stress associated with a car travel.

Our private experiences invite you to the region and to explore it through the eyes of the locals. The life, the landscape, the gastronomy, everything comes together in our experiences.

Stay tuned in our blog to catch up on the latest tours and special events we will be announcing!